What Were They Thinking?

Another one from the “Say what now?” file…

My friend DK was in the process of enrolling her #1 daughter child in kindergarten recently.  Tons of paper work to fill out, samples requested of hair and blood (okay, just kidding), background checks to the year 1834 (yeah, kidding again…it’s only 1874), and other tomfoolery.

All this for what?  To protect the school from our litigious society?  I’m not sure…

But DK shared one of the more…ummm…intriguing (?) forms, which I have included a copy of here.  And leave it without further comment for you perusal and insight —-

Think of the children, for goodness sake...

Think of the children, for goodness sake...

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9 Responses to “What Were They Thinking?”

  1. daisyfae Says:

    doesn’t that violate the hazardous materials statutes?

  2. The Unbearable Banishment Says:

    I guess that’s better than putting cum on the forms.

  3. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    well, at least the pages will stick together.

  4. Rob Says:

    That’s what happens when you hire crack smokers to do transcription…

  5. nursemyra Says:

    WTF were they thinking?

  6. Dolce Says:

    Maybe they wanted to check the DNA before they are even allowed to be considered?

  7. kyknoord Says:

    Isn’t that how they make Post-Its?

  8. thegnukid Says:

    daisyfae – shhhh…we do things differently here in The Wilds. we don’t want no steenkin’ Federales sniffing around here.

    t.u.b. – well, speaking for myself, i find both ideas rather unpleasant…i have much better uses for it, as i’m sure you do too.

    stephanie – brilliant! a practical solution for doing that.

    rob – likely registered sex offenders as well… let’s get them as close as we can to our children, that’s our motto…

    nursemyra – they WEREN’T thinking. i’m guessing that’s the core of this problem.

    dolce – ah! another practical solution. why wasn’t i thinking out of the box (so to speak) like that?

    kyknoord – how do we get that job? what do you think the perks are?

  9. silverstar98121 Says:

    I’m sure it’s an acronym for something, but they really should have given it some thought. Like the folks who brought the South Lake Union Trolley to Seattle, which no matter how many times they change the name will forever be the SLUT.

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