Rocky Mountain High

…off to visit the Boy Child!  Yee-haa!!!

Back, hopefully with post material galore, next week.

The key is under the mat.  The raptor has been fed.  Don’t worry about that strange smell from the attic.

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18 Responses to “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    Well,the raptor should take care of the smell in the attic, right?

  2. Rob Says:

    Enjoy gnukid, enjoy!

    Post title reminds of an old “joke”:

    Q: What kind of a guy was John Denver?

    A: He was a “plane down to earth” kind of guy.

  3. Sassy Miss P Says:

    Enjoy every moment xx

  4. Dolce Says:

    Have fun Mr Gnu!

  5. hisqueen Says:

    got the key, check on the raptor–he’s doing fine–cleaned up the smell in the attic (neighbors were threatening to call the police) sshh I will not disclose location of disposal for “cleanup”-
    Hope you have a great time w/ The Boy

  6. nursemyra Says:

    ummm… that smell in the attic? I don’t think you got it all Queenie….

  7. silverstar98121 Says:

    The smell might just be left over from his feral look, Nurse Myra. I’d think between the raptor and hisqueen they would have gotten rid of the evidence, though.

  8. hisqueen Says:

    had to do everything undercover… lack of proper tools (ie..scissors) may have left part of the “feral” behind…Oust only covers up so much of the odor. =)

  9. Sassy Miss P Says:

    So did you get lost in the Rockies then?? Just asking …

  10. Pickles Says:

    If you don’t come back when you say you will, people will make up their own stories about you. I’m suspecting plastic surgery – you had a buttjob – admit it, and it hurts to sit in front of the computer? Or maybe you’re a spy and things got complicated so now you’re holed up in Amish country with no technology in sight? Well wherever you went to, let me know if there are a lot of single socks laying around. They’re probably mine.

  11. Sassy Miss P Says:

    Methinks we should send out a search party. Or has the raptor eaten you?

  12. hisqueen Says:

    I found him posted on someones post the other day…I think he is still recovering from travel…you know the air up there is thinner so perhaps all the brain cells haven’t recovered yet..

    How was The Boy?? Is he ok? did he give you any trouble and now you don’t know how to tell us??
    Come back soon

  13. Sassy Miss P Says:

    @hisqueen: what brain cells? 😈

  14. UncleKeith Says:

    That raptor better not be eating my squirrels.

  15. Sassy Miss P Says:


  16. imeantno Says:

    I have it on good authority that gnukid’s been arrested for impersonating a Doctor. Or perhaps it was applauded for impersonating. . . nah – that can’t be right.

  17. hisqueen Says:

    ho hum….perhaps just a little hello would work from Gnukid–so we know you’re ok??

  18. daisyfae Says:

    he’s in Brugges, Belgium. cooling his trail after a whack job he was hired to do… it’s not going to end well. especially for the midget.

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