Rusty Nails

…no, not the over-oxidized metallic fastener of wood products.

A Rusty Nail is a drink.  A drink requiring an acquired taste.  But if you have that acquired taste, it is delicious.


As an imbiber of Scotch whisky, the recipe for this concoction is pretty good – – ½ Scotch and ½ Drambuie*.  And the Drambuie?  It is a liqueur…made from Scotch!  So, Scotch, plus Scotch.  Yum!  And, just as it is a tasty drink, it is a kick-ass drink as well.  The liqueur softens the bite of straight Scotch, so it drinks smoothly… so you tend to drink more.

This drink, along with my friend mentioned last post, Dr. J., has led to a legend of urban myth proportions in my life.  There are two sides to the story – mine and Dr. J.

Back when I first met Dr. J., I was a junior management guy on the rise.  Dr. J. was my immediate boss, as well as a newfound friend.  We had occasion to leave The Wilds on a business trip out to California (State Motto:  “You Don’t Know Me…I Do What I Want!”).  We arrived in time to check into our hotel and wander down to the bar to relax a bit before the next day’s meetings.  Having been recently introduced to Rusty Nails by my enabling brother, I thought I would order a couple.

Here’s my version of the events following –

–          After some good conversation with Dr. J and the third Rusty Nail in two hours, I was mildly buzzed and chose to call it an evening.  I needed sleep before the meetings the next day.  I woke up around 3 am in the too-damn-early morning with a flu virus and spent the next couple hours hugging the toilet and donating the remains of the prior night’s dinner.  The next morning, our group drove over to a local pancake house, my travel mates commented on the lovely shade of green that my face had turned.  Excusing myself, I wandered out to the car and collapsed in the back seat, feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach.  Dr. J. ended up having to take me back to the hotel as I was too sick to be effective in the meetings.  I knew it was a flu bug and not a hangover because it stayed with me for the next three days, leaving me weakened by dizziness and nausea.  Nevertheless, as a young management guy, I was mortified that this flu bug prevented me from supporting the team.

Now, Dr. J.’s version of the events –

–          During the good conversation with me, GnuKid consumes his sixth Rusty Nail in a bit less than an hour and a half.  Somewhere through that last drink, GnuKid starts to flirt with the lady at the next table, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she is already with a gentleman.  Worse, I can’t prove it, but pretty likely that said female is a…umm…professional…a lady of the evening.  A bit later, GnuKid mumbled something and stumbled off to his hotel room.  When GnuKid showed up at the car the next morning to go to breakfast, it was apparent that he was still a bit trashed from the night before.  Enough so that actually seemed “green around the gills”.  Failing at staring down a stack of pancakes oozily dripping with syrup, GnuKid bolts to the door and hibernates in the back seat of the car.  Before we even go to the official meeting where we spent official dollars flying his now officially drunken ass out to California, it becomes apparent he’s in no condition to be other than a liability at the meeting, so I had to take him back to the hotel to sleep it off.  Only through my outstanding negotiation skills was I able to convince our boss that GnuKid deserves another chance to prove he can support the program.  GnuKid then proceeds to ‘pretend’ to have the flu for the next three days to cover up the fact he screwed up.

Sheesh… such outright fabrication of perfectly explainable events by Dr. J.

And I thought he was my friend… <smirk>

*Some drink-tenders, if they think you’re showing signs of rickets or other nutritional void, will add a twist of lemon.  No, thanks… I prefer my Scotch untainted by healthy additives.

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10 Responses to “Rusty Nails”

  1. nursemyra Says:

    I’ll buy your explanation gnukid

  2. Dolce Says:

    Today, I need four, gnutender!

  3. Sassy Miss P Says:

    Your version sounds like a good story. Good thing you’ve stuck to it all these years … aha ha ha :mrgreen:

    Down this way Rusty Nails are often offered as a instant cure for the most stubborn flu’s. Serious. The alcohol in those little suckers could stop a rhino in its tracks … so well done, six in an hour and a half, you must have a tough constitution 😉

  4. Kym Says:

    The real question is…How long before you did it again?

  5. nursemyra Says:

    haha…gnutender… good one dolce

  6. Rob Says:

    I’ve never cared for others’ versions of any situation involving alcohol and yours truly.

  7. daisyfae Says:

    ahhh… the good ol’ days. before digital cameras, cell phones and freakin’ youtube, blogs and facebook. it’s when the irrefutable evidence comes out that there’s no point clinging desperately to arguing your point of view…

  8. thegnukid Says:

    nursemyra – glad to know you’ve got my back, nursemyra… i’ll cover your front, ‘kay? ;->

    dolce – coming right up! (and laughing at ‘gnutender’… i LIKE it)

    miss p – wait, you say you like my story, but then say “…six in an hour and a half…”. that’s HIS story. [pout] you believed him… [sigh]

    kym – ahh, excellent question, dear. and, yes, it was about 5 years or so before i could look a Rusty Nail in the eye again.

    rob – yeah… they always elaborate the truth the wild, made up story too much

    daisyfae – hey, hadn’t thought about that part of it… you’re right. too much digital proof nowadays for what really happened.

  9. hisqueen Says:

    That was very nice of you to donate “dinner” to the toilet–so often it gets nothing but “garbage” from the rest of us. Poor “Rusty Nail”–blamed for others problems. I believe you–Green is the official color of the flu–I thought a strange shade of orangish-yellow was hangover–Plus I heard nothing of blurred vision, which is another serious sign of hangover. Plus, you successfully “bolted for the door” not stumbled.

  10. silverstar98121 Says:

    It’s scurvy you would be preventing with the lemon, not rickets. Rickets are from a lack of Vitamin D and calcium. Eat your Tums in the sun, and you won’t get rickets. Rickettsia, now are a whole nother subject. You probably had some rickettsial flu there.

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