CI Homage 23Jan09

Floating down a stream of consciousness, Alice lazed idly in thoughtful waters.

With a circumspect hand, she lackadaisically stirred up the sediment of abandoned ideas which had settled to the bottom.

She watched the concepts swirl, entwining incestuously for brief affairs of hypothesis, only to withdraw again in solicitous self reverie.

Alice’s musings became nightmare as Nick, with a gratuitous shout of “Cowabunga!”, absent-mindedly cannonballed into her thoughts.

“Witless twit,” muttered Alice, drifting back to reality.

She blotted herself with happy notions and glided off to face the coming brainstorm.


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9 Responses to “CI Homage 23Jan09”

  1. kyknoord Says:

    At least she didn’t have to contend with flaming squirrels.

  2. Dolce Says:

    Who needs CI, when you have GNU!

  3. silverstar98121 Says:

    You’re just doing this to avoid banana hammock Friday, aren’t you? And to mess with my mind.

  4. Kym Says:

    I enjoyed that. Nice work.

  5. thegnukid Says:

    kyknoord – Nick is a bit squirrely… and i suspect he is flaming… but that’s not what you meant.

    dolce – ah, go on. no, really… go on! you are too sweet (and i am honored and touched by this comment)

    silverstar – drat! my nefarious ploy has been found out! right on both counts, dear silverstar. maybe after another 15 pounds lost… and if i can find anything other than the one smiley face banana hammock i have… but, i will continue to mess with your mind.

    kym – thank you. i had fun putting it together, which is part of the thrill. but the other part of the thrill are comments like yours… [bows deeply]

  6. silverstar98121 Says:

    I enjoyed it, too, Gnu. Mostly because it was more your own style, and very evocative. I just don’t want you to get a big head from all your adoring female fans.

  7. Sassy Miss P Says:

    “maybe after another 15 pounds lost… ”
    HOLY FUCK Gnu. Just how big is it then?
    @silverstar: nice choice of words 😈

  8. thegnukid Says:

    silverstar – thanks. the list isn’t that long (and seemingly getting shorter), so there’s not much chance of ego going wild. it helps to hear your words.

    miss p – sassy, indeed. and, no, that’s not the ‘big head’ i think silverstar was referring to, dear. but, your other misdirection had me certainly laughing out loud. well done!

  9. Sassy Miss P Says:

    I aim to please 😉

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