t-shirt friday 26.12.2008

Taking a cue from the delectable Nursemyra and the delicious Daisyfae, I decided to join in on T-shirt Friday.  Nursemyra has, in the past, had an open invitation.  Yeah, mostly the lady folk join in, but i do recall a few men playing as well.  I just felt the need to do something new…

So, a happy T-Shirt Friday to all of you.  I got this shirt on a trip to Glacier National Park some 10 years ago.  It tickled me then and I still get a kick out of it.

Moose Laundry

Moose Laundry


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14 Responses to “t-shirt friday 26.12.2008”

  1. T-shirt Friday: Galapagos Style « Trailer Park Refugee Says:

    […] Oooh – gnukid has joined in… […]

  2. daisyfae Says:

    Seems that we’ve kept a “critter” theme today! Happy boxing day!

  3. Parenthesis Says:

    So does this mean that we may yet see Banana Hammock Friday realised? 😈

  4. nursemyra Says:

    Fantastic Gnukid! I’m delighted to have another boy play along. and yes, I’d be interested in seeing Banana Hammock Friday too….

  5. renalfailure Says:

    I think that flap in the moose’s thermals is in the wrong spot. Unless moose now defecate out of their sides.

  6. steveballmer Says:

    Merry just after Christmas!

  7. tysdaddy Says:

    Great shirt, dude. Good to see another guy playing along . . .

  8. silverstar98121 Says:

    Snazzy T-shirt! Still waiting for the banana hammock Friday, though.

  9. azahar Says:

    Great t-shirt! Nice to see a man playing along.

  10. anniegirl1138 Says:

    That’s a funny shirt.

  11. nursemyra Says:

    have you taken it off yet?


  12. nursemyra Says:

    Hey Hey you won – the synonym competition that is – nothing to do with t-shirts. Great entry, expect a copy of Oddly Australian in your letterbox soon xx

  13. thegnukid Says:

    daisyfae – just the first ‘cool’ t-shirt out of the drawer. i never claimed to be smart enough to recognize things like ‘themes’…

    parenthesis – it was said long ago as a lark. not sure i can do one of those (i’ve misplaced my ‘stuffing sock’)

    nursemyra – very happy to join along and already looking for an offering for next month. and you too, looking for banana hammock friday? well, if there’s a ground swell of support, so to speak…

    renal failure – welcome to The Wilds. come and ride the range awhile. i take your meaning on the flap placement… unless the entire back end comes off… now you’ve made me think. not good for a monday.

    steveballmer – and another welcome to a newbie to The Wilds. pull up a log by the fire. happy holiday to you.

    silverstar – ‘snazzy’… ooo, i like that word. and a third voice for the banana hammock friday? dang. the peer pressure is mounting.

    azahar – just got a burr under my saddle to play. i’m thinking other guys would play along, but are too busy looking at the ladies’ pictures.

    annie – yeah, i still chuckle. it’s just a hair this side of bizarre. and since we humans tend to anthropomorphize a lot, it just worked.

    nursemyra – yep, laundry day was yesterday afternoon. it’s comfy and folded back in the t-shirt drawer

    nursemyra – [shocked expression] holy samoley! wow! didn’t see that one coming at all. thank you, dearest nursemyra. i’m excited!! whee!!

  14. Parenthesis Says:

    So how many votes will it take then dear?

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