First Scuba

Had my second scuba class.  And my first actual dive with actual (not pretend!) scuba gear. 

The classroom homework?  Nailed it… sort of… [blush].  In true GnuKid fashion, I hit my “procrastination mode” and put off doing the homework until the afternoon just before class.  A mistake, to be sure.  With a few interruptions for phone calls and my ever popular past time of “Just Wandering About”, I found myself scurrying to finish before I had to pack up my gear and leave for the class. 

But done I was.  Yes…*

After reviewing the homework questions in class (where our instructor had the wonderful habit of answering future questions as he explained the current one…), we headed out to the pool to use scuba gear for the first time.

Seeing as how my life will depend on this stuff, I paid rapt attention to the long list of stuff to do to get the equipment ready and oper… ooo, look, a penny!  Now what was he saying?

Was tickled to see Dear Friend stop by to watch the lesson.  But, given we’ll be dive buddies, with me partly responsible for her safety, I’m sure she was there to make sure I paid atten… hey, look at the size of that hairball in the water!

Finally in the water, I had to learn the necessary hand signals for communicating under water.**  Then we went through some of the basic survival techniques—like clearing your goggles, finding a lost breathing regulator***, and ordering a mai tai from underwater.

I had three basic scuba equipment problems

First, my goggles kept fogging up.  Yep, I did use some de-fog stuff.  Something about being lots of water about while diving that makes this one problematic.  The instructor said to just keep applying the de-fog and it’ll resolve itself.

Second, the mouthpiece (and we’re not even going to, yet, discuss the fact that I was using a communal mouthpiece) didn’t fit well and was cutting into my gums a bit.  This one can be fixed by finding and buying one of several alternatives out there.

And the third and biggie… the damn weight belt kept slipping and pulling my bathing suit down with it!  I’d yank the belt up higher and tighten it only to have it slip down further and take my suit even lower!  Shared that with the instructor, who said to be patient and I’d figure out the best fit to counter that.  Then I looked into the seats next to the pool to see Dear Friend giggling herself silly at my predicament.  Well, hell, she’s the one who’ll have to look at the result, so I’m not too worried.****

At the end of the lesson, having survived the multiple attempts by the instructor to find a way to leave me sputtering water out of my lungs at pool side, they let us…just…scuba…

Now, there’s not really a thing to look at in a pool, but I could already feel the joy and peacefulness of scuba diving.  And think in anticipation of actually diving somewhere where there IS something to look at…


I’ve said it before and will say it more…

This is going to be fun!


*when did I start writing like Yoda talks?

**after the lesson, Dear Friend was commiserating with the instructor and trying to figure out what the international hand signal was for ‘nagging’, as she’d likely be using that quite a bit with me when I stop keeping trac… wow, did you see the size of that paint chip that fell in the pool?

***and did I bother to ask just how a breathing regulator would get lost in the first place?  [sigh]

****remember what I said last post —  Paybacks, Dear Friend, paybacks…


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11 Responses to “First Scuba”

  1. The Unbearable Banishment Says:

    Under the sea, under the sea
    Darlin’ it’s better
    Down where it’s wetter,
    Take it from me

  2. silverstar98121 Says:

    And I bet you have to wear a really heavy weight belt to get anywhere. Says one who almost flunked her swimming test because she was too buoyant to get to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve something. And that was many pounds ago. Maybe you should just join a nudist SCUBA club.

  3. daisyfae Says:

    spit is the best de-fogger. unfortunately, if your goggles fog underwater? ain’t an option… i did my SCUBA cert dive in a quarry. i got to see lots of fish. brown fish. some with large lips (carp) and some with three eyes and giant tumors (toxic metals in the water apparently). recommend going somewhere warm for the cert dive…

  4. thegnukid Says:

    t.u.b. – thank you, sebastian! ummm, the “down where it’s wetter” was still talking about the sea, yes?

    silverstar – lol… a nudist SCUBA club would be great!! except, i’d still need that weight belt and would worry where it would slip to…on?…if the suit wasn’t in the way…

    daisyfae – what? you can’t spit in your mask underwater? hmmm, must go to plan “C”. hey, i’d like to see that “Simpsons Nuclear Waste” fish… my breeding days are done and gone… what’s a little radiation amongst friends? and i will defiinitely take your advice and go to warmer climes for the cert dive… Ohio is just a wee bit chilly today for diving.

  5. leavingevangeline Says:

    Well, if a hairball can distract you…just think of all the pretty things in the ocean that will get you so off course that it’ll take the Little Mermaid to get you back home. Your SCUBA attention disorder has me worried.


    Maybe if you get a tight fitting bathing suit…like, say, a Speedo…then your belt wouldn’t take them off. Just a thought…

  6. thegnukid Says:

    evangeline – literary license, to be sure. between flying and scuba, i realize the dangers of being inattentive. there are very few things that will draw my attention away fro… cheese and crackers, evangeline, you look gorgeous in that outfit!

  7. kyknoord Says:

    “…something to look at…” – you mean apart from paint chips and pennies? You’d better pack an extra air tank.

  8. silverstar98121 Says:

    Second the Speedo, and want pics. A Gnukid Speedo Friday, perhaps? Close-ups recommended.

  9. Dolce Says:

    And when you see a turtle…breathe! I kinda forgot once. I won’t again. 🙂

  10. leavingevangeline Says:

    Hee-hee…you maketh me laughter all day.

  11. thegnukid Says:

    kyknoord – i’m SURE there’s treasures down there… just have to be patient and diligent

    silverstar – i’ll be sure to pack an extra sock in there just for you!

    dolce – i don’t know… those breathless moments of life are pretty cool, ja?

    evangeline – i doth protest, but am glad for making a pretty lady smile, anon.

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