Sanity Questioned

So, here I am, just recovering from an extremely stressful 10 days a few weeks ago. As a friend pointed out: “I believe you experienced all of life’s major traumas in a single week: death, divorce, moving, change of job and illness…”

Well, as both my drunken devoted readers…okay, okay, the three of you…have likely noticed, I’m not posting as much of late. A big part of that is that I’m still recovering in shell shock from all the stuff at the beginning of the month. I’m still a bit stressed by those things and some other stuff in life (but, then, aren’t we all battling our own stress demons?).

So…what does a guy with stress and a constrained budget need in his life? Well, hell yeah… a brand new hobby full of danger and costing lots of money! I started SCUBA lessons…

Can I afford it now? Not really. I’m already starting to juggle my ‘new, not-so-improved bachelor’ budget with the foreknowledge that alimony—and lots of it—is likely a given in my future. But that’s what ‘credit’ is for, yes?

Is there some stress involved? Well, yeah, submitting yourself to rely on breathing technology you don’t fully understand, maintained by people you’ve never met, while immersed in a non-breathable environment is one stressor. Having to learn lots of new stuff is also a stressor… like how to wrestle the breathing regulator from your dive buddy’s mouth when your equipment fails at 60 feet depth so you can breath… or how to ignore said dive buddy clamoring to regain control of that breathing regulator while they slowly lose consciousness… these are difficult things to learn and master!

Why SCUBA? Well, it’s been something that’s long been on my list of things to do (ooo, there’s a post idea there), ever since watching Lloyd Bridges in “Sea Hunt”. That interest was re-sparked a couple years ago when my Dear Friend took lessons and incessantly repeated regaled me with stories of peaceful reverence she felt as she was taking her SCUBA lessons. Dear Friend also keeps reminding me she needs a dive buddy—not only to share diving adventures in exotic places, but someone that she has a pretty even chance of winning the wrestling match over that breathing regulator. I’m just her guy! And now just seemed to be a good time…for no real good reason…to, along with a new life, new condo, and new credit rating, start on my list of things to do before I slip this mortal coil…

More soon (given my track record of late, I refuse to say “More tomorrow…”) on the SCUBA adventures on a depleted checkbook!


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13 Responses to “Sanity Questioned”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    oooohhhhhh, As a fellow PADI certified diver, welcome to the club!

    SCUBA is an odd-fellow is he not? One one side, you get to see some wicked cool things (well, once you get out of the pool that is) and experience a whole hidden world. On the other hand, you’re dependent upon mechanics and gauges and WHERE has this mouthpiece been?

    Congrats! Here’s a cheers to doing something YOU enjoy!

  2. silverstar98121 Says:

    Yes, I’m definitely questioning your sanity. But while you’re insane, why not take up hang gliding and skydiving, too. Safe as your mother’s womb.

  3. Rob Says:

    I’d say that’s damned fine foresight gnukid! When the polar caps all melt and the earth becomes Waterworld SCUBA skills will definitely be in big demand!

  4. daisyfae Says:

    Distraction? You bet! If the fun isn’t showing up on your doorstep, you need to go out and find it… i loved SCUBA! Especially all that pool time, looking at hairballs and bandaids!

  5. lucidlunatic Says:

    Sounds reasonable to me. I get the most done when I’m excessively busy with other things. I do most of my writing backstage and while not sleeping.

    That didn’t come out logically, but I’m leaving it as evidence of my sleep deprivation.

  6. thegnukid Says:

    stephanie – not PADI…SSI. still valid certification. and, yeah, that mouthpiece thing scares me a bit…

    silverstar – excellent ideas… i’ll set those up right after the bull fighting and snake charming lessons!

    rob – exactly what i was thinking. i’ll be one of the few prepared… although i could’ve played that Dennis Hopper character well too…

    daisyfae – absolutely… and i’m out hunting the fun. i’m liking the hairballs and bandaids, too, but think after the 4th or 5th dive, i’ll get a bit anxious to see ‘real’ water.

    lucidlunatic – this is scary, but i understood exactly what you were saying. and am somewhat the same way (obviously?). now get some sleep…

  7. Kym Says:

    I used to enjoy scuba diving but, lord, it was a lot of work. Only backpacking comes close to requiring you to carry so much equipment (and once I suited up I always had to pee.)

  8. The Unbearable Banishment Says:

    Your new hobby is fraught with metaphor. Your life is in turmoil. You are underwater. I believe you have made an unconscious choice.

  9. nursemyra Says:

    sounds like exercise to me. and you know how I feel about exercise 🙂

  10. leavingevangeline Says:

    Hmm…is there anyway one can learn to dive without actually having to get into a body of water?? If so, then I’m in!

    I live to be ON the water, NEAR the water…but IN the water? That’s a different story altogether. Eww…it’s gross.

    BUT…I’m glad for you! Yay! You do seem to be sorta courageous…I mean, what with the flying and the SCUBA and the cross-dressing parties. I admire you!

  11. Dolce Says:

    Deep divin’ huh Gnu? *wink*

  12. kyknoord Says:

    It seems appropriate. You might learn some useful skills to apply once you’re drowning in debt.

  13. thegnukid Says:

    kym – yeah, but you’re already in the water, so…

    t.u.b. – wow, that is deep… and not as in “deep water”… i hadn’t thought about that. now i’ll have to drink heavily to get to sleep tonight.

    nursemyra – not all aerobics are exercise, as i’m sure you also well know… though it still burns calories!

    evangeline – i like water, though have never been what you’d call a ‘strong’ swimmer. aside from all the calculations to avoid nitrogen bends, this is really a quite peaceful and relaxing hobby…

    dolce – as often as possible, dear, as often as possible… i’ve been told my ability to breathe through my ears is a bonus…

    kyknoord – i’m not sure they make a debt regulator… don’t need it just yet, but am keeping an eye on it.

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