… is the Word of the Week*.

As an adjective, it refers to being 90 years old (or, a bit confusingly to me, the dictionary says “90 to 99”). Like, maybe, “Say, I’ll try some of that nonagenarian Scotch!”

As a noun, it is a particular person who happens to be that age.  For example, “The nonagenarian in Ward 2 knocked up that redheaded nurse.”

I was gone all weekend to visit my aunt who was celebrating her 90th birthday… that’s Nine-Zero years.  Not as spry as I’d like to have seen her, she was nonetheless in fairly good health and feisty.  Had a great visit with cousins and cousin-lettes as well.  Seeing my aunt at 90 (with her two remaining siblings not too many years behind her), made me examine how much time is… or could be… left in my life.

I’ve sometimes joked that I’ll be living to at least 125. The key, of course, is actually “living” while I get to 125.  I don’t want to be that caricature of an old person who sits in a chair at the retirement home, quietly drooling while waiting impatiently for the end to come.

Nope… I want to be the George Burns type, living aggressively and out front right until the day the Grim Reaper comes for me.  I want to be one of those old folks you see in the commercials wearing their Depends while climbing the Matterhorn or diving the Marianna Trench or jeep riding the Outback.  I’ll be the crotchety, but lovable old codger who is accused of knocking up the cute nurse.  I’ll be the sneaky old bastard who organizes the rest of the retirement home residents to raid the kitchen at 3 am in the morning to eat all the ice cream and cookies.  I want to get outside every day to run, walk, bike (pedal power), bike (Harley Hog), and more. Yeah, great plans… but you have to have goals.

Here’s hoping all of you can one day proudly and happily bear the title of nonagenarian.

…and that’s your Word of the Week…


*Yeah, i know i’ve been slacking off on doing my Word of the Week.  Once things settle [long laughter ending in breathless gasping], i’m going to try and get back to that.

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14 Responses to “Nonagenarian”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    As long as you don’t end up like the old guy from Family Guy… “Who wants to look for loose change in my pockets?”

  2. The Unbearable Banishment Says:

    90. Shit. I’m 49 and I’ve already seen enough. The thought that I’m only halfway there leaves me feeling kind of gloomy.

  3. silverstar98121 Says:

    OMG, if my Dad lives until next July, he will be a nonagerian. But he’s ornery enough as an octagerian.
    In other news, I don’t think everybody needs to live that long, and so I’m with UB. Another 30 something years of this? **shudder**

  4. Rob Says:

    The thing is…we don’t know how much time we have. So, instead of saying things like “I want to get outside every day to run, walk, bike (pedal power), bike (Harley Hog), and more.’ and waiting to do them, get out there and do them now.

    Thanks for making me think of this today. I probably needed the reminder.

  5. Parenthesis Says:

    I have three mantras in life. The third one says live every day as if it were your last, and one day you’ll be right. Thanks for the reminder to live them to the fullest Gnu 🙂

  6. daisyfae Says:

    i look at the genetics, and wonder if i’m facing an uphill battle – although mom is tough and crunchy at 80, her quality of life is pretty dreary (partly due to her health, and partly due to her attitude and approach to life)…

    but, after the curious incident of the cancer nugget in my breastage, i’ve stopped postponing things that i can do now. trying to maintain a semblence of responsibility to others, i’m going balls out whenever and wherever i can… See you in the kitchen at 3am, gnu…

  7. leavingevangeline Says:

    Oh dear…I cannot comment on the subject matter this week. It’s not in me.


    However, I can tell you that you do a fantastic job around here…you keep me laughing, and I’m always happy to see a new post. If you never posted another word of the week…you would still have one of the best blogs on the block.

  8. thegnukid Says:

    stephanie – oh, i don’t know… that line seems to work now, why not then? 😉

    t.u.b. – not saying it has all been fun. but i can either give up (not happening) or look for the fun to come, either self-made or otherwise

    silverstar – ‘ornery’ is a good word for it. you make the fun where you are.

    rob – excellently said. just because we’re stuck in work-a-day routine doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking for adventure and life. i, too, need constant reminding.

    parenthesis – hear! hear! (and just what, pray tell, are the other two mantras?, he asked wickedly)

    daisyfae – daisy, i somehow think that even without the breastage incident, you would be balls to the wall living life. and i’m also thinking you’d be the co-instigator for that 3 am kitchen raid. genetics is only part of it… attitude can prevail

    leavingevangeline – you’re too sweet. and i do understand not being able to comment. glad you popped by, nonetheless.

  9. nursemyra Says:

    can I join you and daisyfae on a cookie raid?

  10. thegnukid Says:

    nm – umm…. you ARE the cookie we’d be raiding. ;->

  11. Dolce Says:

    My granny is going to be a nono next year. My mom is a hex this year (which is appropriate as it’s also Afrikaans for witch…which she doesn’t find as funny)

  12. thegnukid Says:

    dolce – so we can expect to see you at “the home” as you’ll likely be a centenarian. excellent! you and nursemyra can get the ice cream while daisyfae and i get the cookies!

  13. nursemyra Says:

    maybe we should all pitch our savings together and open up a “home” for old bloggers when we/they retire.

    I’m prepared to move to the country with the best climate. I can also supply the cookies, ice cream and corsets 🙂

  14. thegnukid Says:

    nm – wheee!!! excellent idea. i, too, am prepared to move to the best climate. and, unfortunately, will likely actually need one of those corsets by the time i’m that old—not that that is such a bad thing. ;->

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