Back In The Wilds

I sit here, bleary eyed, staring at my computer screen wondering where the heck to start in recounting my trip to Scotland. I’m coming to the conclusion that —

(a) My body clock is still on Scotland time; travel lagging,

(b) My mind wanders grandly from thought to thought even when I’m not tired,

(c) There still is no ‘c’, and

(d) There’s no way to get all the highlights in one post anyway.

But, a few points for now —

Seeing the Daughter Person was wonderful. We caught up on all the little life trivia we hadn’t otherwise shared and we enjoyed seeing the sights. She never achieved her stated goal of “…drinking a pint of authentic Scottish beer in an authentic Scottish pub while listening to authentic Scottish music…”. This was because the only Scottish music we heard being the bagpipes in Edinburgh. And, despite liking that music (in moderation), it would definitely not be welcome in a pub environment. We did, however, share a few pints together…

For being a ‘wee land’ (being about the size of our Maine [state motto: “Hey! Don’t Forget We’re Up Here Too!”]), it is a very geographically diverse and varied country. I was surprised to find so much empty space until being more surprised that there are only some 5 million Scots. And they are outnumbered by Scottish sheep by some 4 to 1 margin. C’mon, Scots! You need more sex! No… no… not with the sheep…

So, suffice it to say that I’ve safely returned to the Frontier of the Midwest. I admit that, besides travel fatigue, I am suffering from a nasty case of “Carpal Butt” from the plane rides home (no, I did not swim it… this time… maybe next, okay?). Tune in over the next few days for other adventures of GnuKid in his journey to one of my many homelands.

Ah dinnae wan’ tae lae ye, am glad tae be haem wi’ ye, but dae wan’ tae gang abroad someday suin.


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8 Responses to “Back In The Wilds”

  1. daisyfae Says:

    Welcome home, gnu! Sounds like quite an adventure. one question: There is such a thing as “Scottish Beer”? Authentic or otherwise? Scotch. It’s whut’s fer supper…

  2. silverstar98121 Says:

    Welcome back, good to see you in one piece.

  3. Rob Says:

    Welcome back gnukid! I think there’s more to Scots music than just bagpipes, dinna ye ken laddie?

    Can’t wait to be regaled wi’ the tales.

    Now, I’m off to find my tall rubber boots and my velcro mitts. “Here sheep, sheep, sheep!”

  4. Dolce Says:

    Gud dae to ye, laddie and welcome hooome! We mussed ya!

  5. thegnukid Says:

    daisyfae – i was always a proponent of drinking lots of liquids if sick and have to remind people that “Scotch is a liquid too!”. good to hear there’s a fellow believer out there

    silverstar – won’t claim to be in one piece yet… especially the mind… but i am back

    rob – the plan was to find the ‘good’ Scot music, but energy ran out before the pubs did. And–brilliance–“velcro mitts”! That goes in the inventory now..

    dolce – thankee lass. and i mussed the lot of ye

  6. azahar Says:

    Glad to see you back safe & sound.

    How was the haggis hunting?

  7. thegnukid Says:

    azahar – i’m back safe… never was too sound in the mind, though. ;-> And the haggis were all hiding… little bastards…

  8. nursemyra Says:

    carpal butt? is that what it´s called?

    having just spent 22 hours on a plane I am all carpal butted out 😦

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