Today’s Word: Perspicacious

Now, I’m not some brainiac who knows everything… but I do like words.

Words will catch my eye in a blog or magazine article or whatever. I’ll tuck it away for later use…you know, to impress the boss (because I have to) or scare little children (because I like to).

Sometimes that “tuck it away” gets a little too tucked.

I found myself, one day, with the word ‘perspicacious’ rattling around my head. And it kept coming back to me over and over, throughout the day. I kept thinking, “I should know this. Why don’t I know this?” Finding no chance to hit the dictionary, I was left with continued interruptions on my thinking – – perspicacious… perspicacious… perspicacious…

I finally did get to a dictionary at the end of the day and found:


per – spi – ca – cious [pur-spi-key-shuhs], adjective

  1. acutely insightful and wise
  2. mentally acute or penetratingly discerning


Yep, that was sure me all day long, perspicacious… NOT! [shaking my head].

How ironic…

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12 Responses to “Today’s Word: Perspicacious”

  1. silverstar98121 Says:

    I find when I trip across words like this, that they then appear everywhere. Never saw the word before, but, then there it is three or four times in various places.

    It could be worse. You could confuse entomology for etymology. But I don’t recommend it. If you get the wrong one, it might bite you.

  2. nursemyra Says:

    ooh i like words too. I learnt a new one last week that you might be able to drop into conversation some time…

    zythepsary: it means brewery

    try saying it quickly – even before you’ve had a drink it’s quite difficult to get your mouth around 🙂

  3. Dolce Says:

    I like “globular”.

  4. Mrs.Tex Benitez Says:

    I’m enjoying “crepuscular”, “louche”, “roue”, “limn” and “truculent”, today. Possibly in that order.

    Tomorrow I’m going to give “flaneur” a whirl.

  5. thegnukid Says:

    silverstar – Nah, I’m not careful. I’m always using the wrong words in the right places…or the other way t’other.

    nursemyra – Oh. My. I would be laughed out of the Boy’s Club if I didn’t take a swing at that pitch you lobbed at me – – – “I’ve got something you’d have difficulty getting your mouth around.” Had to…just had to…

    Dolce – That’s one that’d be fun using wrong. “How was the sex? It was globular…very, very globular.”

    Mrs. B. – Whee!! Those are all great. But can you use them all in the same sentence! Hmmm…let me work on that…

  6. daisyfae Says:

    my word du jour: “Gubernaculum”. If i’d had more children, that would be the given name… and i LOVE truculent. i do it well…

  7. thegnukid Says:

    daisyfae – So, would it be Gubernaculum Truculent or Truculent Gubernaculum? Hmmm…guess it just depends on if it was a boy or a girl, yes? And, by the way, I think “Truculent Gubernaculum” would be a great name for a band!

  8. nursemyra Says:

    you have?

    do you need me to pitch in for the airfare?

  9. Mrs.Tex Benitez Says:

    I wish you wouldn’t crepuscular behind me, dear – not unless you fancy that limn in a cast – now, hand me that flaneur – my truculent is leaking… no, no, not the one on the louche – the roue one, dear – the roue one.

  10. Mrs.Tex Benitez Says:

    Ah. If you grammarians have recovered sufficiently from that last sentence, you might really enjoythis Metafilter post:

    ” Ever notice how some words just sound like what they mean? Like how a distant star really does seem to sparkle. Words like mumble, twist, and squeamish. Jospeh Bottum describes them well: “They taste good in the mouth, and they seem to resound with their own verbal truthfulness… More like proper nouns than mere words, they match the objects they describe. Pickle, gloomy, portly, curmudgeon–sounds that loop back on themselves to close the circle of meaning. They’re perfect, in their way.”


  11. thegnukid Says:

    nursemyra – i’ve got the airfare…a bit of time off from work and i’ll be there. Then i’ll let you decide if i’m lying or not. ;->

    Mrs. B. – No…way… You did it with style and grace belying your young years. Well done.

  12. Dolce Says:

    @ Mrs B – can I steal that? Exactly!

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