Nursing Home Camp

Yeah, yeah…blogs are supposed to be stuff you write. But this was too good not to share—

A friend of mine on the management staff of a Nursing Home sent me this missive on great fun at her Home.

I am many years away from needing a nursing home, but after reading this, I am so ready to go now!


Hi GnuKid,

We are celebrating Nursing Home Week in our usual over-the-top manner at Friends. This year we’ve taken our residents to Camp Run-A-Muk. Everyone is on a team – Red Rattlers, Dancing Deer, Lil Stinkers, Horny Toads, and Groovy Grizzlies (my team) – and we have bandanas with our team colors. Every other team has a single color, but the Groovy Grizzlies have tie-dyed bandanas (that’s why we’re groovy)! On Monday we had a cookout with sing-along and storytelling around the campfire. Well, not exactly! Due to the rain we moved inside, so there wasn’t really a fire. The fire pit we had dug outside was full of water – more like a little pool!

Yesterday morning the teams participated in a scavenger hunt. Staff paired up with wheelchair-bound residents, and we were racing all over campus in search of our prizes. The residents laughed and laughed, and the staff got some badly needed exercise! In the afternoon we had karaoke and a visit from Elvis. Last night the casino and bingo hall opened so the residents could win Friends Bucks to spend in the gift shop.

Today we had all kinds of camp crafts, as well as a visit by 6 exotic birds and parrots. Tonight we are having an Eastern European dance troupe, followed by a drive-in (wheelchairs, not cars) movie, “Ernest Goes to Camp.” Tomorrow is field day, and the contests include watermelon seed spitting, horseshoes, corn toss, and pin the tie on the administrator. In the evening we are having a luau, complete with REAL pig, and then a talent show featuring Tapcats [Ed. Note: an amateur tap-dancing troupe], residents, and staff. On Friday we have our special brunch in which residents are served made-to-order Belgian waffles, omelettes, and tons of other great breakfast foods – always a highlight of the week!

I’ve been very busy embellishing tote bags for the gift shop. Last week we all picked up lots of tote bags at the OHCA convention, and I covered the company logos (mobile x-ray, pharmacy, etc) with decorative fabrics. The residents love tote bags, and that is an inexpensive way to provide them! Most of my cat bags have already “sold.” I also helped with the decorating and am taking photos (300+ so far) and printing them daily – the residents really get a kick out of seeing them posted so soon. Tonight I’m a car hop for the movie, so I’d better get dressed soon. I’m wearing roller blades – the residents got such a kick out of them the last time I wore them.


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9 Responses to “Nursing Home Camp”

  1. daisyfae Says:

    if i sent Mom, i’d never get her back! i would be supplying residents with toilet paper, soap and shaving cream so they could have some late night adventures at the nursing facility next door!

  2. silverstar98121 Says:

    Wow, I wish the cheapo nursing homes I worked for had done as much for the residents. If they don’t treat the residents well, you know the staff is overworked, too. Sounds like a blast.

  3. nursemyra Says:

    pet therapy and a visiting troupe of dancers all in one day? I hope they have an extra delivery of continence pads coming through…..

  4. Mrs.Tex Benitez Says:

    I didn’t have this much fun in my teens, dear.

  5. thegnukid Says:

    daisyfae – you make that sound as if it were a bad thing

    silverstar – too true on the stress level of the staff affecting patient care. When it’s time for me to go in [mumble, mumble] years, I’ll be sure to quiz the staff on the QT

    nursemyra – yeah, they likely pee themselves without the extra excitement, but I see your point

    Mrs. Benitez – You are so welcome to be here, dear. And, I’m with you…I was the shy kid who didn’t get into trouble. My efforts to make up for it in recent years have been bumpy. But there’s always hope…

  6. nursemyra Says:

    will we read reports of these recent efforts soon ?

  7. thegnukid Says:

    nursemyra – I’m pretty sure you’ll hear one way or the other. Personally, I hope it’s “the other” way you’ll hear. [wink]

  8. Mrs.Tex Benitez Says:

    It’s never too late to have a happy/naughty childhood, Gnu. But, c’mon… a visit from Elvis? I can’t wait for retirement

  9. thegnukid Says:

    Oh, sweet Mrs. B., I am certainly trying for that happy/naughty childhood. It’s just going to take some practice. And maybe a helping hand or three. I’ll get there long before retirement and take it with me to retirement [“Unh-huh-huh… thankyew vury much… I love ya momma”]

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