Marketing 101

Okay kids…You don’t have to have a business or marketing degree to play in today’s “What were they drinking thinking?” exercise. While most of us web-izens have learned to ignore the constant stream of pop-up or sidebar ads, we can’t help but look occasionally. One recent glance gave cause me to give a double-look (accompanied, like the Bugs Bunny cartoons of old, by some sound effect like <boing!>). Maybe it’s just me and my inane sense of the absurd, but what conclusion do YOU draw from this ad—


I\'m too scared to \

What did I see in this picture? Well, besides whatever fabulous exercise program, destructive reconstructive surgery, or dietary supplement likely being advertised for weight loss – – – this stuff will change you from a man to a woman!

Ain’t Science wonderful?

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6 Responses to “Marketing 101”

  1. daisyfae Says:

    ewww… and it also makes your clothes change color!

  2. azahar Says:

    Presumably they use the belly fat to make the boobs? Notice they don’t show you what the face looks like.

  3. thegnukid Says:

    daisyfae – the miracles of chemistry, I guess. If you’re going to change sex, what’s a little color change amongst friends, yes?

    azahar – Then there’s still a surplus of fat somewhere…and, no, I hadn’t taken note of the ‘missing face’…hmmm. a new mystery?

  4. Rob Says:

    we can’t help but look occasionally

    Nope. Never look. Refuse to give the advertisers any, and I mean any, satisfaction. I refuse all cookies that have “ad” in them, are from “” (which is a massive data gathering site, BTW), or just generally look “distasteful”. If a site has way too many ads requesting to set cookies, I just give up and close it.

    I don’t watch television either.

    So, as to your question? I don’t have an opinion. 🙂

  5. thegnukid Says:

    Rob – No, I don’t actually click on any of those ads. Rarely even look at them.

    So, you don’t look at the ads or watch television…where do you get your daily quota of misinformation from then? :->

  6. Rob Says:

    Misinformation, eh?

    Blogs. No, seriously, blogs.

    I’ve also subscribed to slash dot and slate magazine on my blog lines too.

    But, hey, I used to get my news from “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” before I quit watching television…

    Oh, yeah, I sometimes read *serious* on-line news and, when I can stomach it, I listen to Fox News, CNN and CNBC via XM Radio when I commute to work (but only if I forget to bring my i-Pod). 🙂

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